Testing Online Sensorship

June 8, 2005 at 10:29 am 4 comments

So about 8 months ago, I was banned from the Streaming Media Advanced Forum, becuase I confronted Ben Wagoneer, a long time Streaming Media compressionist, to have a “Video Compression War”. Basically, Ben has his thoughts and theory’s on how to compress video the best, and so did I.

Since I had challenged the Video Compression Guru to a little war, Dan Rayborn had banned me from the forum. So, basically I re-signed up on the Advanced Video Streaming Forum, as alias “Freddy Algood” and just the other day, I expressed my professional opionion to someone, who actually calls himself the “Flashcomguru”and said these words, after I made a comment that “VP6 is only good for alpha Channels”

FlashcomGuru said, “To say that VP6 is only good for alphachannels is nonsense.

I replied with this comment,
Hey Mr. FlashcomGuru,

What is NONSENSE about saying VP6 is only good for alphachannels?
There is no other Flash Codec that supports AlphaChannels as VP6 does.

Listen VP6 is probally the best Video Codec out there, if you have no clue
on how to encode video. If your lazy and dont want to learn about preprocessing
a AVI before it gets to the Flash Codec, then use VP6.

Like wise use Flash8 to do all your encoding. Better yet, just upload a video to www.youtube.com
and let them to all the encoding and hosting for you.

Mine as well, by a TV Dinner and stick it in the Microwave and then watch your videos on www.YOUTUBE.com, since you its cheaper then paying for cable every month.

Regards to http://www.flashvideofaq.com, very impressive flash work…..but unless
that website offers a DV file to download, then you mine as well call it

I speak only the truth and not hype..


Dan Rayburn, annouces to everyone on the list!
“Freddy has been removed from the list. If you can’t phrase your comments in a professional manner, then you won’t stay on the list.”

Dan also follows up with an email directly to me that says

“Peter, how many e-mails am I going to have to ban you with? I will keep banning you every time you sign up, so you may as well just stop. And if you keep signing up to the lists with different alias, I will change the lists to where I have to approve each message BEFORE it gets posted. May be more work for me, but I am willing to do it to keep list members happy.”

So, to really test Online Censorship, I posted a comment to a comment Dan made about “Do we really need another format for the industry? ”

Just incase, Dan Rayburn wants to censor my comment,
I have also posted the cached HTML file on my own server. and included a screenshot below.

Industry note: Dan Rayburn has known me since 2002,
since I spoke at Streaming Media on about The Anatomy of a Live Webcast


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  • 1. Delta  |  July 29, 2006 at 8:00 am

    Hi, nice to know someone else’s real views on technology. Check out my website too at http://ukttoday.blogspot.com/

  • 2. themisfit610  |  August 1, 2006 at 5:15 am

    Do you really belive that VP6 is the best codec out there?

    VP6 is old news. I wont dispute that it’s a great codec, and especially capable with animated content. Many others and myself have concluded that mature MPEG-4 ASP implimentations like XviD, and the new H.264 implimentations x264 and Ateme are really superior most of the time.

    Also, On2 has VP7. I dont know if they have it for Mac yet….
    I have heard that VP7 clearly beats VP6 most of the time.

    Anyway, I would seriously reccommend that you check out doom9.org which is a really good site, especially their forum.
    This forum is where lots of digital video and audio encoding software development happens, especially in the open source world. The developers converse with the users at Doom9, it’s really a tremendous resource.

    It sounds like you are very interested in video compression. If you haven’t heard about or use it already, AviSynth is an indispensable tool as a frameserver.

    Hope you enjoy Doom9.


  • 3. Ahmed  |  December 8, 2006 at 11:19 pm

    Nice Website…Good Job………..

  • 4. kidacafeve  |  May 28, 2007 at 12:01 pm

    A little flesh, a little breath, and a Reason to rule all – that is myself

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