Banks need new CCTV cameras, in 2005

August 1, 2005 at 5:03 am Leave a comment

I wish I had time to write more tonight, but I have things to do, then to bitch about how stupid banks are, or maybe its how stupid the companies they hire that sell the CCTV equipement to the banks.

I’ll start by saying this……..Why do most bank in the year 2005, still use a 1998 style C-Mount Video camera on a wall mounted arm device with the wire exposed.

Can anyone give me a reason why this is better than a smokey transparent dome camera, in which nobody from an employee, customer or robber would know which way is pointing,

Wait one more thing!
Why do most banks, have only 1 camera per teller window, but NO cameras in the lobby or personal banker area? and please I don’t buy that they are hidden. “Which was told to me by a bank manager that had brick and solid marble walls since the 1900’s. “That was said to me over a year ago”

A month a go, I was back in the same bank, and guess what? I saw new CCTV Cameras all over the place. My favorite camera was when you walk into the bank. The camera is actually pointing right over your head and facing the same direction as I am. As I am look above, I can actually follow the cable across the wall and then, the cable makes a 90 degree angle and comes down the wall. The exposed wire is now at eye level to me.

Oh it gets even better………Since this old 1900’s bank is made from brick and marble, they did not mount any cameras on the wall looking at teller’s window. I guess a very bright person convinced this Bank to actually mount the cameras
inside a 2″ black, plastic pole right next to the teller looking at the customer. You would think, at least theyt would hide this wire……but nope, thats exposed as well. OK, so you think these camera poles are mounted in the counter with a nut and bolt….but nope…..try 2 wood screws…and the one that I saw, even looked like the screw was bent.

I am assuming they have Internet Secuirty Specialist working for banks, and making sure they are are using the latest firewall and secuirty software to stop a hacker from hacking into a bank. So, then how come they don’t have a CCTV Specialist consulting with banks.


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