Looting and how Private Business Can Help Society

August 12, 2005 at 5:06 am 6 comments

Just found a great website..We are getting closer. Maybe I just need to YELL Louder for someone to hear me!

Check this website out http://www.72hours.org Help society prepare for 72 hours. This is great, but our local business, need to also be prepared. And they more a local business prepared the better it is for society. Let me explain.

Lets just say, a major 8.5 earthquake hits San Francisco and we loose our power for 72 hours and most of the citizens are prepared because of your website. So this is good. The bad news you have no information about what To do if you’re a business or let alone a bank. Big problems will arise Of no power. The biggest problem, is that all of the looting. Either from Walmart, Sporting Good Stores, that have guns. Then what about banks. It is Practically impossible to send police officers to secure every bank.

Ok, now think about this. No power. No Power. No Power.

What this means to me, is that all the video cameras that are supposed to Record, are not recording anymore. Because the average UPS that was purchased to help if power surge can only handle 16 camera and 1 recorder, will only last 5-7 minutes.

Not only does a section need to be created on http://www.72hours.org but under a HLS law, it should be required and released publicly that all business are required to have at least 12-24 hours of battery backup for all CCTV System. Banks should have at least 5 days. Also there needs to be a policy and standard on NO CCTV exposed wires and all CCTV cameras must be in cased in a vandal proof dome or rectangle housing. Because even if you battery backup, they can cut the wires and make a camera pivot on its access with a simple throw of a shoe.

Also all business should be required to have on their premises, enough plywood, screws and a constant charge of a portable drill, to seal up Windows in case of a natural disaster or terrorist act happens.

The cost for each business to implement this would cost an average of $1000-$3000, and I am sure many manufactures of UPS, would create a rebate program, as well as home depots, and lumber yards would create an rebate program.

More info about how long you can run a computer and cameras can be found here

http://www.apcc.com/products/runtime_for_extendedruntime.cfm If this policy would be in order and mandatory, then the police can focus On what is really important. Saving a persons Life and not be distracted for Looting across the city. Which just pisses me off…Becuase if you really think about……

Who cares, if people are stealing TV’s, Electronics and Jewlery. As long as the GUN Shops Are Closed, Let the cheap business owner call his insurance company, but then again, screws up the economy.

So the buttom line is that the HLS needs to create standards for CCTV for small, medium and large retail business including are banking systems. What are they waiting for. DO IT NOW! It will cost the US GOVERMENT, practically nothing to put in place compared to all the money they are spending. Its not called GOVERMENT LAND SECUIRTY, so why should this money come from tax payers. Make it come from the local business. The best comparision, is that you can’t let a baby run around without diapers, so why do business get to run around with no diapers.

Article I found that relates to what happen, if the policy and standard on no created that I have written above.

Looting on Tchoupitoulas Street
By Michael Perlstein
Staff writer

Looting in New Orleans was so widespread Wednesday that police were forced to prioritize their overwhelmed enforcement effort.

Winn-Dixie’s Riverside Market Place on Tchoupitoulas Street was breached in the morning by foragers who broke through a metal security door. Eight police officers in marked cruisers made it to the parking lot by noon, but they had a more pressing problem than people walking off with food and liquor.

The officers were rushing to a break-in next door at the Sports Authority, desperate to secure the store’s stockpile of guns and ammunition.

“I think we ran them off before they got any of it,” said the commanding officer at the scene. The cops secured the store with heavy plywood before moving on to other emergencies.

At about 2 p.m., the officers rushed back to disrupt a second break-in at the sporting goods store. An officer in a squad car tried to chase a Bell South utility truck that fled the scene, but he lost the truck amid fallen trees.

Upon surveying the thefts, the officer said the most conspicuous missing items were all the weapons from the store’s knife case.

Before boarding up again, the officers took some essential supplies for themselves: socks, T-shirts and Power Bars. As officers were pounding the last nails the commander yelled: “Let’s roll it, someone’s driving around in a mail truck.”

I also sent what I written above to 72hours.org. and this was their response.

Hi Peter, thank you for your thought-provoking comments. The 72hours.org website is just dedicated to personal preparedness. We are working with various aspects of the business community to assist in their emergency planning efforts, from the Small Business Commission to the Building Owners and Managers Association.

Best, Amy

Ok, Great………Lets just see how long this takes to implement!


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