Less then Par Video Surveillance Regulations for SF Pot Houses

August 24, 2005 at 5:12 am Leave a comment

As you know, Tiger Woods uses the same gold club As many other golfers, but yet using the same Club, concludes different results, based by the Users experience.

My point is, that you may require video Surveillance At pot houses in SF, but if your regulations are not More defined, then the effectiveness will be less then less then par.

Some regulations to consider….(and I create a lot more)

At least 80% if not all 100% space needs to be covered using wide angle cameras.

At least 1 hidden camera mounted in the doorway or no futher then 1 feet from the door must be at eye level or At 5′ 5″ high, which increases the detail visibly of Face.

All cameras inside and outside must be housed in a doom container for the simple reason of not tampering with the original camera position or allowing a employee or customer know which way the camera is positioned.

No on/off power button to recording devices shall be Seen by any or all employees.

No video or power cables are visibly noticed.

If cables are being covered with protective molding All cables and molding must be installed from the Top of the ceiling down to the camera.

Pot Transactions must be conducted in a booth Type area, such as bank does allowing for video Cameras pointing at transactions area.

At least 6 months of archived video must be saved.
(Due to the cost of decreased hard drive space, this is financially affordable.)

All cameras must use a CCD lens, and not be CMOS lens which produces a foggy like image.

All Video Surveillance must be installed by a professional Company or at least provide proof of an independent installer That has least 5 years working and installing video equipment.

SF Mayor wants camera installed in SF. Great let me tell him what to do…..


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