MASS Anti-CCTV happening in the USA

August 29, 2005 at 4:56 am 1 comment

Below is a Self Portrait of myself on the top of a McDonalds fixing a CCTV Camera

There is now MASS Anti-CCTV happening in the USA now……So if you think you have a problem with your employee unplugging the DVR from the wall, how about random vandals or better yet ANTI-CCTV US Citizens that are using anything from Twig Clippers, Spay Paint, to Sand Paper, to Flash Lights to tamper with a video cameras image.

Let me explain further before giving the links that go forever

Twig Clippers
Most outside cameras use a rubber tube to protect the wire from water, but a 20 foot twig clipper can cut the wire.

Spay Paint
Take a 20 foot painter pole, some duct tape and you favorite color spray paint with a handy plastic spary paint triggger and you have a spray paint on a $3000 Pan Tilt Zoom Camera. “How do you stop spay paint to be painted on glass or a plastic bubble?”

Sand Paper
Oh, this one sucks! Take any type pf sand paper, a dome camera within arms read, and a little bit of elbo grease and you have a dome camera that see nothing but a haze of sanded down plastic.

Flash Light
Two flashlights are better than one…but a whole bunch are better….So if most camera have low light, and have an auto iris, then pointing a flashlight at a camera, would shut down the iris…Unless Sony, has a anti-flashlight CCD lens I don;t know about.

OK, now, let me introduce you to your worst enemy…..and its not terrorist people in another country. Its the US Citizens of America.

EPIC Video Surveillance Information Page

Observing Surveillance MPD Photos

Below is Project Demonstrate of a PTZ Video from robotic webcamera on Sproul Plaza at UC Berkeley


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  • 1. ken  |  August 4, 2006 at 10:31 pm

    Decent cams should not be affected by a flash light, peak light inversion takes care of bright lights, even car headlights, by making the brightest parts of the image black.

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