SONY EUROPA drops the ball on Multi-Media Colour

November 16, 2005 at 4:24 am Leave a comment

On September 1, 2005, SONY Europe announced a new line of flat TVs under its new “BRAVIA” brand (Best Resolution Audio Visual Integrated Architecture).

This technology includes the world’s first seventh-generation, state-of-the-art SONY Panel, which is expected to redefine current industry standards. It features a wider viewing angle (which preserves both contrast and colour richness) and faster response, enabling fluid movements, thereby maximizing the thrill of movie and sports viewing.

To promote this amazing new television, SONY hired Danish director Nicolai Fuglsig to create a very strange scene for a TV Commercial without any digital effects, depicting 250,000 multi-color ‘superballs’ bouncing down a steep residential street in San Francisco. The main sequence involved a 23-man camera crew and only one chance to get it right. The tag line at the end of the commercial is Colour – like no other.

The shot below is compressed to a 2 mbps, 700×394, Macromedia Flash, Sorenson 3.1 SWF codec, which was converted by using the a QUICKTIME file that was downloaded at THIS QUICKTIME file was originally encoded at 3 mbps, 700×394. QUICKTIME, H.264 codec.

Using QUICKTIME Pro, I exported to DV.avi file, then imported into Media Cleaner 5 and applied the necessary interlace pre-process, cropping, and color correction. I then exported this file to a unique MotionJPEG, one of best MJPEGS that correctly encodes into a YUV color space.

I then used Sorenson Squeeze 3.2, to import the pre-processed MotionJPEG, to be converted to a Macromedia Flash, Sorenson 3.1 SWF codec. This example shows the vivid and vibrant colour reproduction that I saved even from using a 3 mbps QUICKTIME file, converted into a DV file, to a MotionJPEG to a Flash File. Imagine if I had been given a broadcast master to work with!

Read the complete article with Flash Video Demos


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