Copyright Law……Keep reading the fine print!

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So your a photographer, videographer, film maker, or some type of artist working for yourself. You figure, that since you create your own art or author your own book, you automatically own the copyright. You sure do. However based on taking a infringer to court, you must copyright you work with the Federal Copyright Office. The problem, is that even if you do this, you still need to pay a Copyright Attorney BIG money to defend your case. Sorry, small claims will not help you with a Copyright case, based on the fact is out of their jurisdictions, since its a Federal Law.

There are plenty of links below relating to copyright laws, but the best information I found was in a book called Cardozo Arts and Entertainment Law Journal published in 2002. which includes a section written by Lawrence Lessig, a of Law at Stanford Law School best descibes how copyright property laws have changed as well as society, throughout the history of technology and innovation.

So, to save time, reading Professor Lawrence Lessig outlook on copyright issues is worth 10 minutes of your time, compared to clicking and reading all the bookmarks below. But if you still want to read the fine print, I found alot of great links below.

New type of virtual law

The Chinese gamer claimed to have spent two years and more than US$1,200 playing the game and purchasing the virtual arsenal.

However, the gaming company claimed the virtual properties were simply “piles of data” that had no real-world value.

U.S. Copyright Office – Forms

300 pages of Copyright

U.S. Copyright Office – Copyright Basics (Circular 1)

Public Law 108-446

U.S. Copyright Office – Copyright Law of the United States

NewsHour Extra: The Digital Copyright Fight — May 1, 2003

Digital Law Online: Remedies


Apple gets tech support in court | CNET

Hasten down the wire

F B I Law Enforcement Bulletin – May 2004 Issue


foray_e.pdf (application/pdf Object)

Publication of Photographs: Is A Release Required?

Welcome to <Spooky

LexisNexis InfoPro – Zimmerman’s Research Guide

U.S. Copyright Office – Licensing and CARP Information

circ22.pdf (application/pdf Object)

EFF: Homepage

Association of New York Intellectual Property Law – NYIPLA

Copyright Welcome page

Copyright FAQs –

A Practical Guide to Copyright Compliance

USGenWeb Project – Official Business – Copyright

Remedies for Web Site Copyright Infringement

Fashion Law Blog

Photographers’ Guide to Privacy

Bert P. Krages II — Attorney at Law

ThePhotographersRight.pdf (application/pdf Object)

Bert P. Krages II — Attorney at Law


Privacy Laws

public vs. private space – Google Search

World Talk Radio Photo Talk Radio: Bert Krages’ Photo Law 101 And Photography That’s Out Of This World

San Francisco Muni Photo Ban — Direct Action : SF Bay Area Indymedia


Kevin Bjorke Resumé

Government Statement on Proposals for Copyright Reform

The Right to Refuse Service: Can a business refuse service to Someone because of appearance, odor or attitude? –<br><br>Faegre &;amp;; Benson LLP: The Law Firm – Home

Nightclub Security, Managing Obnoxious Patrons, security consultant, Chris McGoey, nightclub security expert


Student Press Law Center – News Flashes

Press Rights Abused in San Francisco

PhotoPermit.ORG :: View topic – Hassled by San Francisco Muni Agents

NPPA: News

PhotoStop(SM): Legal Aspects of Photography

The 411 on Copyright for Net Photos

First Amendment Library

USA Today article on photographers rights etc – DPChallenge Forums

Security Guards Officers, Use of Force Continuum, security consultant, Chris McGoey, security guard expert

Photographers’ Guide to Privacy

American Civil Liberties Union : National Security

American Civil Liberties Union

Metroblogging San Francisco

SFist: Homeland Insecurity: Photo Ban on Muni?

Flickr: The You can’t take pictures here! Pool


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