Interactive Mixed Media

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After reading the biography Diane Gromala is an Associate Professor in the School of Literature, Communication, and Culture had inspired me to write this passage below regarding Interactive Visual Illusions.

I was Diagnosed with A.D.D. in the 4th Grade and by the time I graduated High School with a GPA of 1.7, I had meet dozens of Physiatrist, Doctors, Professors and Special Education Teachers, and Counselors which performed and conducted numerous test with visual stimulation of short stories, mass amounts of comprehension test with multiple choice questions, visual puzzles and other forms of audio stimulation and representation to study my symptoms of A.D.D.

I have never seen the results of these test or evaluation notes, nor have my parents. The question is, can I still get access to them. Just courious!

My senior year in high school, I attended a Video Production class at my main High School and also took another Video Production class in the morning at another High School in the same city. Since I graduated High School. The personal effects have caused me to have a passion on creating a form of Interactive Visual Illusions for the reasons of having people comprehend information easier. I continued to a Junior College to achive a certification in Televison Production and my most influential course I took was the “History of Broadcast.” I also was influenced by the last novel book I read for my college english class, was “1984” by George Orwell. Within that year I produced my first TV segment for a public access TV. The TV segement I produced included myself interviewing a police officer explain “Photo Radar” back in 1993.

Interactive Visual Illusions, in its most simplistic form of a video that has been filmed, edited and presented on a media that can be viewed by other and by the use of rewinding and fast forwarding, you can also call this a form or Interactive Video.

No one can really define Interactive Video since it would have to be defined every month and one must read the history of the definitions given to Interactive Video.

Interactive video from the Wikipedia

The really define Interactive Video, theories would need to also be associated with future of Interactive video as different technology immerses from innovative artist, that could collaborate on the convergence of technology when presented. One might just call thisInteractive Mixed Media.

Interactive Mixed Media on a advanced measure can be referred to a combined media of still photography, with embedded video within any portion or multiple portions of the photo, assortment of animation, text and audio combined with embedded hot spots to create an intuitive Interactive Mixed Media illusion by creating a electonic device to really appear that it can be controlled by the user, and allowing them to actually press the buttons.
Interactive Mixed Media can also refer to many other aspects of taking a data or a log file of data, and turning this data into a visual representation of the data and allow the user to interact with different variables and understand in great depths of data in a visual form, of gauges, graphs, colors, and icons.

A rhyme, reasons, interface, and technology backend of a Interactive Mixed Media content management solution must also be created to perform a search to find photos, audio, and video elements of a interactive visual illusions without the use of meta data. Meta data which is only an extension of Interactive Mixed Media, must be re-researched, to create a lot more highly effective search tools to find this media.

Reasons for Interactive Mixed Media, is for simple fact for a human to comprehend the information presented to them in a fashion that creates no barriers to comprehension and allows a user to visualize the subliminally context seen in front of themselves, with drifting off and thinking about other aspects, which do not relate to the subject matter.

Everyone in the world has some type of A.D.D. and the universal language with dealing with humans to comprehend easier is to produce more Interactive Visual Illusions to compliment what is known as TEXT.


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