Google Video Dept Sucks

February 3, 2006 at 9:30 am Leave a comment

Someone has to say it and mean it! and I am not going to critique every freakin thing wrong with it either because it not fair for me to do. But I do know the heart of the problem, and for the most part, can not be fixed and I will tell you why, which is reason I will not critique it either. Other then what I actually posted in a sarcastic manner on Google’s Support Forum dated, December 14, 2005. Titled “The Reasons behind uploading Google Videos”

But since then, Google responded back to me after I submited my resume to work in their Video Department, and asked me fill out a self-evaluation form.
I never bothered.

First let me say, that I look at the coders and developers at Google like looking at Tiger Woods playing golf on a Sunny Day. But if you ask Tiger Woods, to use his same analytical skills and play the Quarterback on a Football Team, he would be squashed by the other team.

Hence the problem with Google Video Department, they have no savvy old school
streaming media gurus, that have been there and done that!

The Executive Vice President of Streaming Media, Dan Rayburn wrote a article
titled “Google Video: Asleep At The Wheel” which is probally the most honest article I have ever read of Dan. You have to understand, Dan is like the nice politically correct Nerd in Streaming Industry and I have never see Dan act like me.
How do you act like me? You question reality, figure out who and what is not true, and then ask lots of questions.

So basically, Google has great technology, but there Video Services SUCK. At least for now. (Read the Google Labs Group Discussion, everyone that is posting, should just say it SUCKS! cause thats what they mean.)


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