Introduction to Gif 2.0

February 24, 2006 at 11:55 am Leave a comment

What is a Gif 2.0? An animated Gif, is the result of a automated process of converting actual video frames to the nessesary frame rate, number of colors and the compression ratio to create a sequence of motion to appear if it was an actual flash video embedded inside of html. Here is my latest Gif 2.0 of myself, using chroma keying effect to produce a white baclground.

I started creating this gif 2.0’s only after the fact, I started blogging and wanted to show my Flash Videos just playing. Due to the fact there was to many technical rules and limitations with embedding flash, and could never figure out how to embed my own flash videos, without uplaoding videos to videoegg, youtube or google video, I started experimenting with gifs. It seemed, no matter what blog or wiki service I used I could embed a gif in 2 seconds.

Since Adobe has taken over Macromedia, it would only make sense that ImageReady or Fireworks would have SWF2GIF converter built-in on the next software upgrade. I used to use a couple different SWF2GIF programs, untill they expired, so I had found alternative ways, which happen to provider cleaner results. I remember actually telling Sorenson, when I wasbeta testing their latest Sorenson Squeeze 4.3, that they should add a Gif Exporter. But they never did…Maybe in 4.4.

But then again, it maybe I am the only one excited about Gif 2.0, since CompuServe Inc. and Unisys Corporation probally have no clue I created a new type of Gif. But then again, they probally don’t care either, since the expiration of the patents (at midnight US Eastern Standard Time on June 19, 2003 for the US patent, and midnight local time on June 18 and 19, 2004 for the European and Japanese counterparts, respectively). More info about GIF legal battle in the past can be found at

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