I’m a AJAX type of Person, and you should be 2!

March 31, 2006 at 11:42 pm Leave a comment

This is just way to good, but its true………Imagine a New Word Processor, that is not needed to be downloaded or installed on your computer. Actually, no need to imagine it when you can just DO IT at www.ajaxwrite.com

If you don't feel like much a writer, but yet more of a creative person, then check out www.ajaxsketch.com

If your liking this AJAX thing, as much as I am the rest of world, then check out www.ajaxian.com, a blog that hows more AJAX news, tools, and sites then I think anything else out on the web.

What does this really mean? Based on the examples above, you can start to understand that future based computer, or more or less computers that fit in our pocket, can run applications and save our documents via a server. The computer, become more like remote control to a server that is shared by thousands of people, and Bill Gates may need to post his resume on craigslist.com


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KeepVid RSS Feeds make alot of sense using 24EYES

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