Carbon Fiber + Popsicle Stick Lady Shoe

January 31, 2007 at 10:18 am Leave a comment

I really wanted to make a carbon fiber shoe for a lady, but after thinking about it,
would take me months to learn the process of making a ladies shoe.
So, with any good design you need to create a prototype first, actually you are
supposed to draw it out. I asked my friend who was over, if I could use her shoe
to copy from.
carbon fiber shoe for a lady
I skipped the drawing process and with one hand I used a glue gun and the other
hand a bottle of canned air. (Turning a can of canned air upset down creates a
freezing effect and instanly makes the hot glue becomes solid) and the with
the use of popsicle sticks and a layer of carbon fiber, I created the prototpe
and its freakin sexy. No epoxy was used on the carbon fiber since, the carbon
fiber I was using, felt naturally soft to the touch and is shiny already.

Maybe the next thing I should design is a matching bra and panty set.
This way a women would be in matching, thats of course if she had my
carbon fiber clutch.


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