Liquid Heat Shrink

February 25, 2007 at 3:05 am Leave a comment

I have learned that it easier for me to invent a gizmo or gadget then it is for me to market the product or even create the packaging material needed when sold in a store. Of course there is blister packaging, but when your on a budget this is not even possible, even if you buy the preform blister packs. $.25 cents per packaging is not even in my budget. So that brings me to shrink wrapping. The shrink wrap material itself is very inexpensive and is totally in my budget. However the cost of the equipment is not in my budget. But a blow dryer can replace an industrial heat shrink blower. But what replaces a heat shrink sealer? I could tinker around a make a heating element, or maybe a hair crimper and see of that works. The sales women at Micheals Art store advised I used scotch tape, but that is to getto. So, out of desperation, fuels my creativity…..I use a plastic cement compond when I am building prototypes.

This compond basically melts down certain plastic materials down to its atom structure. When the compound evaporates, the atoms rebuild themselves and creates 2 pieces of plastic into 1. So, I brushed a bit of this plastic cement compond onto the shrink wrap, and within seconds it turned to a cloudy translucent color. I then applied it to 2 sheets and pressed firmly. BAMMM……The 2 sheets of shrinkwrap starting melting within 10 seconds.

I call this Liquid Heat Shrink but really the chemical is called Chloroform, and was discovered in July, 1831 by the American physician Samuel Guthrie


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