Gecko Tape! I was calling it a PuttyPOD

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For the 14 months, I have produced over 200 prototypes of a device I was calling a PuttyPOD. The goal of the PuttyPOD was to actually mount a digital camera to side of a wall, and also have the ability to pan or tilt the camera to frame the shot . I had a dozens of videos on Youtube over a year ago, demonstrating the temporary adhesive qualities, but youtube, suspended my account, for not complying with their TOS. WHATEVER!!!

Ironically,University Students, Researchers to Material Scientist have been investigating how to reproduce a Gecko’s foot using variations of polymer materials. The polymer material must have the same elements of a Geckos foot, and each hair, or seta, provides a miniscule adhesive force called van der Waals, which operate over very small distances but bond to just about anything.

In many articles I found on the net, they mention, many negative comments about Gecko Tape that has been made so far

~ Cost prohibited for commerical market
~ Loss the adhesive qualities after about 5 uses.

Another drawback of todays Gecko Tape, I read on the internet was that there are consequences of overloading the tape. The failures tend to be catastrophic, and many of the fibers break and are left behind on the surface.

Andre Geim, a physicist at the University of Manchester, England, who is part of a team that overcame considerable engineering challenges to produce the first synthetic “gecko tape.”

Geim added: “We considered producing a large amount of gecko tape sufficient amounts to enable a student to hang out of the window of a tall building. However, it would cost too much money, and would not benefit us scientifically, so we have limited our demonstration to the toy.”

Ok, lets stop right here! I must say that, my PuttyPOD, or call it Gecko Tape, based on my experiments, is very close the experiments I read about, however, I have overcame all the limitations that I read.

My Gecko Tape is:

~ A Combination of off the shelf Polymers, and chemicals blended together.
~ Based on van der Waals theory
~ Reusable by cleaning with warm water and soap

Notice the microscopic hairs that are attached to my hand, when attempting to pull apart.

Demonstartion of using my Gecko Tape version stuck to a camera and a bike

Using a galvanized electrical plate, I mounted two strips of 1.5″ x 4″ of my removable and reusable
“GeckoTAPE” on the backsite of the metal plate. I then firmly pressed the plate on the underside of
a painted door frame. Using a circular 3″ magnet I attached the magnet to the plate. The magnet has
a 3″ cable attached with a loop. Using 1 gallon of water, which is approx 8lbs, I attached the water bottle
to the cable.  Remarkably,  it  had  held for 5 minutes.


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