As a Kid, Peter Weiss. had the best time, making stick animation using a pad paper and then flipping through the stack of papers with his thumb. You could always catch him as well, with butter knife and screw driver in his hands taking apart alarm clocks to telephones. He just wanted to know what was inside that made these devices work.

One day, little Peter at the age of 7 years old, wanted to play with the Atari 2600 Video Game Console in the family room, and found out that he could not get a signal from the Atari 2600 to the TV. He looked behind the TV, and to his surprise found a spaghetti of wires and cables, that connected to more then the 2600 console. He went out to the kitchen and a grabbed a handful of rubber bands that his mother collected from the newspaper. Peter then, took a deep breath went behind the TV and had a mission to clean up all the cables. From one cable to the next cable he started, to unplug and wrapped the cable up and bundled it together with a rubber band, and then plugging the cable into the jack he pulled it out of. From that day forward, Mr. Weiss kept moving forward to seek out and learn about new challenges.

Mr. Peter Weiss has been a native of theSan Francisco Bay Area and for the past 15 years has specialized in traditional video production, working as a producer, director, cameraman and editor for independent documentaries, corporate production and Television Shows, from producing original content to mass video encoding and internet video delivery in multiple formats and bit rates.

Mr. Weiss has consulted for Fortune 500 with a proven track record focusing on cutting edge internet video deployment and delivery methods across wireless, http, and secured internet, intranet, and satellite I.P Delivery with an emphasis on user interface design and seamless interactivity.

Mr. Peter Weiss credits his success to making lots of mistakes back in the pre-2000 DOT-com days. By 2003, Mr. Weiss has been known as a leader in video compression technology as he has spoken at Streaming Media on a topic called, “Anatomy of a Live Web cast” and also at DV Expo, as well as instructing the first Video Internet class at the Expression Center for New Media and BAVC.

Mr. Weiss has consulted with top companies and organizations, including NASA, Coca-Cola, SINCITY Films and including former executives from CNN, helping their vision of creating an one million dollar architect infrastructure a Broadcast/Broadband hybrid production faculty for a early dot com called MYPRIMETIME.com.

He just recently finished a mass deployment of more than 400 Sony CCD high quality dome cameras and 16-channel secured video recorders and server build with a installed at over 35 McDonalds Restaurants in the San Francisco Bay Area and archiving over 8 terabytes of archived video, which is equilivalent to about 1 year or about 8760 hours of video.

All of the archived video is not only time/date stamped, but can be accessed within 3 second of finding a the exact date and time down to the second of an event.

So, basically Mr. Peter Weiss, is always looking to find bigger video projects to execute and conquer.

Career Highlights

  • 2005 Developing Central Video Server Vital Sign Monitoring Network
  • 2004 Implemented 400+ CCTV camera Network
  • 2002 Speaker “Anatomy of a Live Webcast”
  • 2002 Designed 20K DVD Encoding Platform
  • 2001 Patent Pending DAM Streaming Video Process
  • 1996 Directed James Doohan/Star Trek
  • 1994 Television Certification awarded at DVC
  • 1991 First Place Film/Video Award for SRVUSD

Employment History

McDonalds Bay Area Restaurant Management, Inc. September 2003-Present
Internet Secuirty video consultant
Developed first secured video recorder, which disabled shut-down, & unauthorized users
Produced Excel budgets, Visio diagrams, and Word analysis reports on a weekly basis
Created a visual database blue print of all 400+ POV camera angles and camera install locations
Integrated, (35) Honeywell Type 16 ch. Video Card, 250GB, 512RAM in 8×7×12 case with secured XP
Designed first CCTV “never patented” 150’ Siamese cable with spade connectors
Managed a team of installers and implemented a seamless installation of 400+ CCTV network
Maintained technical documents, created screen capture tutorials, provided web & phone tech support.

Rooster Media “Emuzed, Inc.” September 2001-August 2003
Director of Media Services.
Reduced video production equipment and accessories expenses by 50 percent to 80 percent
Created e-learning video application for Sun Microsystems, UC Berkeley Medical, & Kaiser Hospital
Technically produced live Webcast using Windows Media and Speedera Networks
Custom built Video Capture and Optibase MPEG I encoding lab for Wal-Mart Video Game Previews
Launched a successful video Windows Media DRM campaign with RocketCASH and Sprite
Researched, wrote and designed DVD Encoding and Internet video white papers and diagrams.

MyPrimeTime, Inc. November 1999 – January 2001
Director of Broadband Technology under the management of three former CNN executives.
Invented “patent pending” a broadband digital asset management infrastructure
Managed Web developers and programmers using HTML, XML, C, C++, Java and FLASH
Coordinated broadband projects with sales, marketing, IT, and Web development department
Videotaped and edited television shows for Nightly Business Report and for the Web
Maintained relationships with Excite@Home, NBCi, NBR and PBS affiliate television stations.

NASA Ames Research Center “Symtech Corporation” August 1998 – September 1999
Astrobiology Internet Video Producer.
Produced, videotaped and edited a series of educational astrobiology videos
Configured Macintosh G3 computer with video editing compression software description
Optimized Real Producer Plus to stream video at 28k, 56k and 100k bit rates.

Technical Knowledge

video ~ audio ~ image ~ business software
TMPGEnc, VFAPI Converter, DVD2AVI, Xilisoft, Sorenson Squeeze 4.2, Media Cleaner 5, Windows Media, Flash Professional, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash Paper, Photoshop, Image Ready, PageMaker, Visio, Real Player, QuickTime, Vegas Video Virtual Dub, Premiere Pro, Fraps, Camtasia, Sonic DVDit, QuickBooks, Microsoft Office Products, VNC, Filmmaker, Snag it, Skype, IP Switch, Smart FTP, ZIP, RAR, PDF Converters.

audio ~ video ~ telco ~ computer hardware
Professional Video cameras, accessories, Pro Audio Mics, cables, connectors Generic Firewire 1394, Osprey series video cards, Matrox NLE Cards, 16ch. DVR Card, VOIP Routers, Network hubs, switchers, voice modems, PC STUFF.

video media types
vhs, svhs, 3/4" SP, hi8, miniDV, DVD, betacam, Digital Betacam, DVD, Super8 Film, 16mm Film

audio file formats

video file formats

video compressor & decommpressors
Animation, H.264, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MS ISO MPEG-4 Video 1, MS MPEG-4, On2 VP6 Pro Plugin support (New!), Sorenson Video 3 Pro, Sorenson AVC Pro (for MPEG-4 encoding), Sorenson MPEG-4 Pro (for Visual Simple Profiles and Visual Profile encoding), Sorenson Spark Pro (for Flash MX and Flash MX Professional encoding), Windows Media Screen 7, Windows Media 7, Windows Media 8, Windows Media 9, Windows Media 9
(I plead the 5th about Real Networks)

audio compressor & decommpressors
aac Audio, aacPlus Audio, ACELP RealAudio, ADPCM, QuickTime compatible audio codecs, Cook RealAudio, Fraunhofer MP3, MPEG Layer 1, MPEG Layer 2, MPEG PCM, Qdesign Music Codec 2, QUALCOMM PureVoice, Uncompressed Audio, Windows Media ACELP, Windows Media Audio 8

Speciality Conversions to any video format including NTSC
TIFF, PNG., JPG, GIF, Flash,

Data Conversions
PDF to Word, Excel, JPG & TIFF

os, languages & code
W2k, XP, XPe, MAC, UNIX, Linux, c++, java, html, dhtml, actionscripts.


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