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Say Hello viliv and goodbye to iPod!

The New viliv will be coming to America soon to prove that the IPod, has limited technology functions and features, compared to the viliv, which is made in Korea. The viliv is totally packed with great technology as well comes with a 20 or 30 gig drive, but also can accept media cards to swap music or video files from one viliv to another. By far, the most impressive features of the Viliv is that it can play back multiple video formats, including….Flash, Windows Media, Divx, MPEG 1, 2, and 4, compared to the iPod that plays back only 2 formats. Honestly, I will probally never buy either a viliv or an iPod anytime soon, since I am totally happy with my Mustek PVR-A1, which I bought last year for less then a $100.

Wait there is more, they have even included a digital FM radio tuner, plus a voice and audio recording capabilities. If only it can record video directly to the unit, would it then be PERFECT Personal Media Player & Recorder. The Battery life is 6 hours for video and 11 hours for audio, plus you can just replace the battery, unlike the IPOD, which you have to recharge like a mobile phone. Check out the USA website or check out the latest news


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DVR Server Monitoring Solution

360DVD – Full Circle Digital Video Data

An Online Application remotely monitors the status of 1 to thousands of Digital Video Recording Security systems*. Simultaneously, it monitors connected video cameras at multiple business within a city, state, country and even worldwide. The application retrieves information from the DVR system log, and displays it in a FLASH graphic format, including graphs and gauges.

Business owners and managers can determine the status of all DVRs selected for automatic polling at a glance. Other options include having detailed reports emailed directly to you. These documents display a variety of status graphs, screenshots, and log files including:

~ # of days of recording on the hard drive
~ # of times a manager logged into the DVR
~ # of times a customer walked through a door
~ Temperature of the DVR ,CPU, and Case
~ Camera and Power Failure
~ Screen Shots of Applications Used
~ DVR Error Messages

These features allow the user to quickly troubleshoot, anticipate problems, as well as schedule any preventive maintenance. The 360DVD Online Application saves the user an incredible amount of time, since he/she won’t have to individually log into every owned DVR, or wait to find out about a problem.

Acme Inc. owns 30 locations with 30 DVR Systems. If they spend a mere
15 minutes logging into each DVR, it would still take them over 7.5 hours to review all statistical information on the DVR System. This isn’t even taking into account additional notes they would need to document by themselves.

If Acme Inc. is using the 360DVD Online Application, it would only take
a maximum of 15 minutes to review ALL statistical information from all 30 DVR Systems. Additionally, the company would have a clear “peace of mind,” knowing that all 30 DVRs are working and recording video on an everyday basis.

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