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Video Flash Accordion

Been workin the midnight oil and have been doing alot of research on how to playback video using flash.

The Video above is using a flash component called "Accordion" which is found in Flash8. Seems this little player is best for short clips.


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MySpace is a Sexy Bizarre!

If only our high school allowed us to publish what ever photo we wanted of ourselves in the year book? It would probally look like I have never seen so many sexy people on ONE website, then I have looking at MYSPACE. One example is a very sexy young lady named, NIKKICOLE. Her personal quote on her page, really sums up who she is. "

I'm not a model.
I'm really a mermaid.

Anyway, since I am always finding fault in how websites produce multimedia-mixedmedia-flash online, I thought if I can find fault in SONY's website and improve it, I would try a no-brainer. So, I upgraded how NIKKI COLE shows off her photographs, even though she is not really a model, but sure could be if she just called an agency in SF. And if she does call an agency, she will be ready to show off her new portfolio page that just jumps in your face.

Click the Animated Gif above to see it!

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So, many man hours have gone into many websites to STOP a user from downloading videos to their hard drive. As it ussualy was my favorite past time, to figure out how to download a video from a website.

We'll I guess I have to find a new favorite past time, since took out all the fun of trying to download videos, since now its EASY AS 1,2,3 and a bit of 5, 6, 7.

Find the URL of any of your favorite videos at your favorite website. There must be over 20 Video Website listed on KEEPVID.

No matter what format, including Google Videos, which is a FLV, and then paste the URL into the DOWNLOAD WINDOW, and presto it will give you different options of downloading the video.

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Say Hello viliv and goodbye to iPod!

The New viliv will be coming to America soon to prove that the IPod, has limited technology functions and features, compared to the viliv, which is made in Korea. The viliv is totally packed with great technology as well comes with a 20 or 30 gig drive, but also can accept media cards to swap music or video files from one viliv to another. By far, the most impressive features of the Viliv is that it can play back multiple video formats, including….Flash, Windows Media, Divx, MPEG 1, 2, and 4, compared to the iPod that plays back only 2 formats. Honestly, I will probally never buy either a viliv or an iPod anytime soon, since I am totally happy with my Mustek PVR-A1, which I bought last year for less then a $100.

Wait there is more, they have even included a digital FM radio tuner, plus a voice and audio recording capabilities. If only it can record video directly to the unit, would it then be PERFECT Personal Media Player & Recorder. The Battery life is 6 hours for video and 11 hours for audio, plus you can just replace the battery, unlike the IPOD, which you have to recharge like a mobile phone. Check out the USA website or check out the latest news

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Embed Flash into a BLOG

Below you may or may not see a Flash embeded into this page. SInce it is a work in progress to figure this out.

Now I am trying to figure how I did that, since it just took me about 40 minutes of trial and error..

OK, Lets come back to that question later, becuase if this is technically possible, but only now, using hosting services. Which seems to be a pretty smart company. After you upload your SWF, it actually rewraps your video with other features, which I find very kewl. However, what I do not like, is that I have no control over my own content and how it flows of a server. I can only imagine there server is getting hit on, my userspounding for more videos every second.

Good news, I just found Ross Gerbasi blog with other ways of embeding flash in a blog, and breaks down (HACK STYLE) about embedding Googles hosted Videos into a blog.

Thank GOD, or CODERS for trying to figure out how to embed flash videos into a Blog.

January 28, 2006 at 10:20 am 1 comment

Interactive Criticism

Yesterday I came across a website called, which is the home to the San Francisco Bay Area Interactive Group. I was very excited to learn more about this group in SF, but then quickly found out by reading and watching their informative windows media video, that most of the people that made up this group where Advertsing/Marketing executives and media buyers. There was a couple of companies that actually produced Interactive Content, but since no one bothered to make their own informative video interactive.

I took the intaitive to convert the windows media into a .flv and then authored multiple screen shots that tween from the left and right of the video and added hot spots. When a user now clicks on the screen shot, the same video will cue up to that testamonial.

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Microsoft! changes up Flash embed tag

Even though everyone likes to bitch about Microsoft, I ussually tend not to say anything since I use Mr. Gates products all the time, but I do however need to mention some news I just found out that Microsoft Internet Explorer users will not be able to directly interact with Microsoft ActiveX controls loaded by the APPLET, EMBED, or OBJECT elements. What does this mean? Well, it just means I must find a new way to embed Flash Video inside IE. Woopie!

Official Press Release from Microsoft

However I did find this BLOG Tutorial that explains Flash Objects on how to work around this Choas…Not really!

Here are a couple more ways of embedding flash I found on 12/29/05
Flash Satay
Unobtrusive Flash Objects
Validating pages that include Flash

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