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MySpace is a Sexy Bizarre!

If only our high school allowed us to publish what ever photo we wanted of ourselves in the year book? It would probally look like I have never seen so many sexy people on ONE website, then I have looking at MYSPACE. One example is a very sexy young lady named, NIKKICOLE. Her personal quote on her page, really sums up who she is. "

I'm not a model.
I'm really a mermaid.

Anyway, since I am always finding fault in how websites produce multimedia-mixedmedia-flash online, I thought if I can find fault in SONY's website and improve it, I would try a no-brainer. So, I upgraded how NIKKI COLE shows off her photographs, even though she is not really a model, but sure could be if she just called an agency in SF. And if she does call an agency, she will be ready to show off her new portfolio page that just jumps in your face.

Click the Animated Gif above to see it!


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Interactive Criticism

Yesterday I came across a website called, which is the home to the San Francisco Bay Area Interactive Group. I was very excited to learn more about this group in SF, but then quickly found out by reading and watching their informative windows media video, that most of the people that made up this group where Advertsing/Marketing executives and media buyers. There was a couple of companies that actually produced Interactive Content, but since no one bothered to make their own informative video interactive.

I took the intaitive to convert the windows media into a .flv and then authored multiple screen shots that tween from the left and right of the video and added hot spots. When a user now clicks on the screen shot, the same video will cue up to that testamonial.

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How I found out about WYSIWYG Type

Amazing, hopefully after trying over a dozen of WYSIWYG online editors, this may be the one for me, since I will attempt to use this on a daily basis to document my thoughts, insights, knowledge or what ever reason I have to publish information, that I did not want to create in dreamweaver and then upload. The online web 2.0 application is called WOW! and it even created that hyperlink without me telling it was a hyperlink. I was first told about this type of type in HTML language technology by Marc Cantor at a tech users group in SF. Marc Cantor was the orginal mastermind behind Macromedia, which I ironically first meet about 5 years around a camp fire in front of a wharehouse in Hunters Point. I had no clue who he was, untill the bottle of “something” was passed around at least 3x. My first impression of Marc Cantor, was that he was singer, since he was singing around the camp fire. I wanted to also say that within this ZOHO goodness, even allows you to publish what I wrote into this blog at So, basically this ZOHO Tool, is like a online database of all your writings, and only if you want to publish, share or sent it to a blog you then can. Hopefully this thing has a spell checker.

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DVR Server Monitoring Solution

360DVD – Full Circle Digital Video Data

An Online Application remotely monitors the status of 1 to thousands of Digital Video Recording Security systems*. Simultaneously, it monitors connected video cameras at multiple business within a city, state, country and even worldwide. The application retrieves information from the DVR system log, and displays it in a FLASH graphic format, including graphs and gauges.

Business owners and managers can determine the status of all DVRs selected for automatic polling at a glance. Other options include having detailed reports emailed directly to you. These documents display a variety of status graphs, screenshots, and log files including:

~ # of days of recording on the hard drive
~ # of times a manager logged into the DVR
~ # of times a customer walked through a door
~ Temperature of the DVR ,CPU, and Case
~ Camera and Power Failure
~ Screen Shots of Applications Used
~ DVR Error Messages

These features allow the user to quickly troubleshoot, anticipate problems, as well as schedule any preventive maintenance. The 360DVD Online Application saves the user an incredible amount of time, since he/she won’t have to individually log into every owned DVR, or wait to find out about a problem.

Acme Inc. owns 30 locations with 30 DVR Systems. If they spend a mere
15 minutes logging into each DVR, it would still take them over 7.5 hours to review all statistical information on the DVR System. This isn’t even taking into account additional notes they would need to document by themselves.

If Acme Inc. is using the 360DVD Online Application, it would only take
a maximum of 15 minutes to review ALL statistical information from all 30 DVR Systems. Additionally, the company would have a clear “peace of mind,” knowing that all 30 DVRs are working and recording video on an everyday basis.

August 24, 2005 at 4:04 am 1 comment

Java + Flash = Good Things

I’m so excited, that you can embed a flash file inside a Java Script and the embed the Java Script inside HTML. What does this mean? Good Things in the Future…As I try to learn more about JAVA Scripting.

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