Below are examples of Flash Video 2.0, which showcases different ways of playing back video content either in multiple screens or with interactive hot spots, jumping to different sections of the video as seamless as possible.

Contexual Video Advertsing Player
Based on the content the viewer is watching, a video based ad plays on the lower left corner and support ads to be seen as a transparent layer over the video, without transcoding the video, which allows for CVA to play based on demographics of a user.


This concept in CVAP is very seamless to the user experience, since the ads play in real-time as thecontent is being watched, as well the player open to a smaller html window, without using pop-up code, nor is blocked from pop-up software.

iPOD Picano

After watching a Quicktime clip of a Saturday Night Liv skit showing off a iPOD not bigger then 1″, I was courious to see if I can make a video appear inside a 1″ iPOD Picano.

Spinning Laptop

Intergration of Video just playing inside a laptop screen after a realistic animated computer (animated in Flash) spins into the foreground.

Dragon Lair

From a DVD playable Dragons Lair, I extracted the VOB data files and re-created the first scene to be veiwed and interactivly played on the intrenet. (First time Dragon Lair could be played on the Internet) prior comsumer version was on a PC Based CDROM Game)

Composition of multi types of media, to create a look and feel of an executive boardroom, with a sense of humor. Video includes, a Jpeg Image for the background, a 3gp playing on the right side TV, VNR playing on left side TV, two alpha channel flv files, with a layer of flash animation of two exectives tossing a ball, back and forth with their pens.

A 640×480, 30fps Flash video playing back LIVE music from a Night Club In San Francisco.

“Fakers” Music Video
Compostion of multiple videos at different run times, playing back in the same flash player

Google Earth Interactive
Captured a multiple flying motion of flying and out of five cities in the San Francisco Bay Area, and applied interactive hot spots and a navigation button to simulate using Google Earth, before a user actually downloads the software.

3D Part
Screen capture of a JAVA based 3D electronic part, and created a self playing movie

Model TV
A bit on the experimental side, is a model holding a large LCD screen on her lap, as a variety of videos I have filmed over the years.


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