Pure and UnCUT

“Pure and UnCUT”, is a reality film concept taken from the movie “Strange Days”. The reality films will be actual real life POV videos of interesting people that have interesting lives. A small megapixel camera will be mounted on a a carbon fiber plate that I designed, and will be mounted on a person chest shooting high qiality 640×480 MPEG video. I have tested the chest plate and the POV effect looks just as good as a steadicam operator if not better!

More information can be found at http://pureanduncut.googlepages.com


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Carbon Fiber Clutch

I started working with carbon fiber since I am inventing a camera chest mount for small digital camera that shoot high quality MPEG video, and I am also designing clutches. So, since I had some extra carbon fiber lying around, I started designing a carbon fiber clutch. The photo below shows me spraying resin on the carbon fiber that is already mounted inside of a clutch frame.

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Digital Clutch

Who needs a digital clutch?

Cause I am designing them, and you can’t stop me!

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XGL Beta

Kororaa is creating XGL and its POWERFUL, as it creates a 3d browser enviorment as well as good use of transulcent layering effects.

Runs on Linux

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Socially Interactive Human or Machine?

David Hanson is a doctoral student working in the Institute for Interactive Arts and Engineering at the University in Dallas Texas.

has created an amazing synthetic face which is the front end of basically what we know as robots.

Take a look at this behind the scene video at DailyMotion

To learn more about social interactivity with the use of machines, please also visit a my old friend Kal’s website
at seemen.org (more…)

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Play with Red Fred & Interactive Toy played online

Here is a concept in Interactivity.

I took a interactive toy and filmed it with a Canon Power Shot 630 and and then created a flash application that allows you to play with Red Fred online.
Red Fred
Click on RED FRED to PLAY with him at his offical myspace.com/crazyredfred web page.

I also created the interactive online version of the popular arcade game in the 80’s called Dragon Lair, which back then was a full size arcade game.
Animated Gif
Based on an email I recieved from the orginal creators of this game, it was told me to that I was the1st to create an online version of this game and JustPLAYS at justplays.com/dl, however Disney will be licensing a mobile version version of this game.

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Contextual Video Advertising Player

Based on the video content the viewer is watching, this flash based player shows multiple windows of videos and commercials that play in real-time with each other. The ad plays on the lower left corner and also support ads to be seen as a transparent layer over the video, without transcoding the video, which allows for CVA to play based on demographics of a user.

This concept in CVAP is very seamless to the user experience, since the ads play in real-time as the content is being viewed watched.

I am using the FREE video player from http://www.mediacollege.com and the videos are actually being served from a variety hosting providers, which brings up legal questions.

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